Saturday, October 4, 2014

I decided to finally start a blog about being an older, broke, newly divorced nursing student in the 2nd quarter of a 6 quarter RN program.

Why would I do that?  It is not like I really have time to blog.. because I am in nursing school and I have to work because, well I am a newly divorced nursing student in the... well you get the idea. I do however, need a place to come and get some things off of my chest so to speak, and I am slowly finding out that I am NOT ALONE.. there are other over 40 nursing students that went through a divorce either right before, or right after starting a nursing program.

It is an interesting phenomenon and I am curious how many of us there really are.  I have grown children and the back story on my life is too long for one post.  Nursing does draw in the fixers and dysfunctional types for sure.

I am going to be starting week number three of a 10 week quarter.  It is fast paced and a little scary.  I will try and share as much as I can (which is not much) according to my school policy and HIPPA about school, but I will try and share a good deal of the stuff that I can legally and ethically share.

Nursing school changes you and so does divorce.. some days I look at myself and I think.. Who the heck is this person.. and I think.. how in the hell did I make it this far.. and then I secretly do a happy dance that I am so different and that I HAVE made it this far.

Every program is different.  Every Quarter or Semester is different... Some programs are more forgiving than others.  I work about 28 hours a week.  I am over 40, I have a dog, and an apartment in the...ummm not so nice part of town.  I am however, walking distance from my program and one of the clinical sites, I have my family back, I have INCREDIBLE friends and some even more amazing ones in my co-hort, and I have a new friend that is changing my perception about love and relationships.  All in all.. a pretty good gig.

There are some things you can do to keep yourself sane and some things you can do to set yourself up after school... I will try and share my experiences with those topics.

Thanks for stopping a moment and reading this.

I now have to go and practice my catheter insertion skills and sterile gloving.. and giving shots into my  injectEd.
I am sure there will be some more fantastic ATI videos on enemas as well for watching tonight.  I think I will make some popcorn!

On a side note.. my son's ship is headed back to the states.. my youngest is in the Navy and has been on deployment for awhile now.. so I have to post this picture:

My late husband was also Navy, so I get a little Patriotic and proud of our Navy!  I was a Navy wife for many years and now I am a Navy mom!  Go Navy.. okay.. enough... I am walking away now...