Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015

New Year, New Quarter and finally Financial Aid.
I am really really happy about that.. and it means I get to eat a little better, buy my books and not work insane hours and try to study up.

We are beginning with Cardiac next week, so this week is all about prep, and some coffee dates.. not sure how I managed to schedule three of them, but I did.. oops.

I am been browsing the web for cardiac helps for nursing and I am overwhelmed by them.  I will see if I can find a few to post here.

As for the budget.. that needs some serious checking.  I went a little crazy while the kids were here for Christmas since I worked full time this last month.  Now I need to rein it in hard and get back to bare bones and come up with some healthy budget recipes.

Sunday after work will be my prep for the week of food and starting next week.. back to Zumba twice a week, and the cycle twice a week, coupled with three times a day of walking the dog, and the pounds should start to come off again.

So  far since September, I am down 26 lbs..

Sunday is weigh in day and measurement day.  I have a challenge with two of my friends from class that this quarter, we will lose instead of gain and that we will be stronger instead of more tired.

We have acute care clinicals and they start EARLY.. so I am coming up with some exercise plans that will be good for me to build up the cardio and endurance for being on my feet for 12 hour stints

Happy New year and for all you other broke nursing students.. hang in there.. it will so be worth it when graduation comes!